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Welcome to our ADU design services! We are a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about creating functional and beautiful living spaces. Our focus is on accessory dwelling units or ADUs. We offer a range of services to help our clients design and build the perfect ADU for their needs. We take pride in delivering high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail in every project, and we are dedicated to exceeding our client's expectations. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create a stylish and functional ADU for your property.

Plans for ADU, ADU design, How to build an ADU In Los Angeles


Natalie provides an all-inclusive design service


ADU's, New construction &

Home additions


We deal with the city until the

permits are ready

Title 24

Included for Garage conversions


Additional fee

Smart Design

Our smart design for Garage conversions to ADU will save homeowners money on construction cost


Natalie is a highly qualified professional with a Bachelor of Science and Interior Design degree from the Art Institute of California. With a career spanning back to 2016 and extensive experience working on various projects, she possesses the necessary skills to assist you in designing and obtaining approval for your ADU plans.

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Plans for ADU, ADU design, How to build an ADU in Los Angeles


Natalie has a proven track record of delivering excellent customer service and achieving results. She is highly skilled at identifying and addressing clients' needs and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure their satisfaction. With her strong work ethic and dedication to delivering results. Homeowners will not have to go back and forth with the city. Natalie will take care of the entire process.  


Natalie's Smart Design for garage conversion to ADU is an economical option that can help homeowners save significantly on construction costs. By strategically positioning shear walls, homeowners can potentially save up to $10,000. Natalie's design expertise can effectively eliminate the need for unnecessary construction expenses. It is important to note that not all plans are created equal, and seeking Natalie's professional assistance can prove to be valuable in optimizing cost efficiency.

ADU Shear walls, ADU design, ADU plans in los angeles

Happy client

Juan getting his ADU


Natalie and Sylvia in Action

Measuring an ADU


What is included with our service

  • Site plan

  • Floor plan

  • Building elevations and sections

  • Foundation and framing plans

  • Title 24 energy calculations

  • Structural engineering ( Additional Fee)

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Design fees for a 20X20 garage conversion to ADU

  • Los Angeles design fee starts at $4,999   

  • Los Angeles County design fee starts at $6,490. LA County will ask for additional requirements.

ADU plans Los Angeles, how to build an ADU Hektor


Natalie and Sylvia are readily available to offer their expertise in aiding homeowners with drawing, submitting, and obtaining approval for their ADU plans. Do not hesitate to contact them for assistance.

ADU plans Los Angeles, how to build an ADU Hektor
ADU plans Los Angeles, how to build an ADU Hektor


*Please be advised that in the event that Natalie is not presently serving your area, Erika, Jesus or Sean will be available to provide assistance. Thank you.



This is not a site visit. This is a free virtual consultation

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Designer Services

Providing services in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Long Beach, Buena Park, Santa Clarita

Please do not contact Natalie for contractor's information. Natalie can only assist with Designing services.

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