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Construction of a 20X20 ADU starting at $99,000 in Los Angeles plus plans and city fees.


Welcome! is a contractor referral base platform. Our service is to connect homeowners with licensed contractors. 


We refer contractors based on the homeowner's budget. If you need an ADU with basic or luxury finishes, we know a contractor ready to help you.


Big ADU companies will not like the contractors we refer.

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  • Large ADU companies typically incur significant overhead costs due to various roles such as construction managers, directors, receptionists, sales executives, office managers, and social media managers. As a result, the cost of constructing an ADU with such companies tends to be relatively high​

  • By streamlining the construction process and removing non-essential personnel, homeowners can obtain a more accurate estimate for their ADU project from featured contractors.


  • With lower overhead, the contractors we refer can provide unbeatable deals and pass on savings to Homeowners.