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Construction of a 20X20 ADU starting at $99,000 in Los Angeles plus plans and city fees.


Welcome! is a contractor referral base platform. Our service is to connect homeowners with licensed contractors. 


We refer contractors based on the homeowner's budget. If you need an ADU with basic or luxury finishes, we know a contractor ready to help you.


Big ADU companies will not like the contractors we refer.

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  • Large ADU companies typically incur significant overhead costs due to various roles such as construction managers, directors, receptionists, sales executives, office managers, and social media managers. As a result, the cost of constructing an ADU with such companies tends to be relatively high​

  • By streamlining the construction process and removing non-essential personnel, homeowners can obtain a more accurate estimate for their ADU project from featured contractors.


  • With lower overhead, the contractors we refer can provide unbeatable deals and pass on savings to Homeowners.

  • If you want to start building your ADU, give me a call. I would be happy to answer any questions 818-564-5835


Touch Screen

20X20 ADU

Starting at $125,000

Plus, plans and city permit fees


Starting at 
$99,000 Basic Finishes

20X20 ADU

We work with multiple contractors to provide our viewers with the best possible services and prices. Some of these contractors may offer better pricing than others based on the Contractor's local area they service. By working with a range of contractors, we can offer our viewers various options and help Homeowners find the best solution for their needs and budget.

Featured contractors

20X20 ADU

Owner Builder $74,000 20X20 ADU with Subcontractors. Design services begin at $4,900 

  • Save $35,000 by building your ADU as an Owner-builder 

  • The best option to build an ADU on a budget

  • The owner must coordinate all construction with subcontractors.

  • Use the ADU Masterguide as a reference for construction.

  • Save an additional 9% by performing some work.

  • Lots of handy videos on YouTube 

Garage Convesion


Starting at 
$150,000 Basic Finishes

20X30 ADU

Plus plans and city fees. Design services for ADUs with additions begin at $6,500 plus $1,300 for structural engineering. The distance to install the utilities and topographic will determine the final price to build the ADU. Book an appointment or call to get started.

Garage Addition
New construction