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ADU Service for a 20X20 Garage conversion to ADU starting at $99,000 in Los Angeles 

Coming Soon

Coming Soon


Our contractors can help Homeowners in every corner of Los Angeles. From The San Fernando Valley to Riverside, we have a Licensed contractor ready to help you build your ADU.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Golden Gate Bridge


If you are an ADU Contractor in the Bay Area, we would like to partner with you. 

Bay Area


If you are an ADU Contractor in San

Diego, we would like to partner with you. 

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San Diego
$4k in Concrete Foundation for a two-story addition

$4k in Concrete Foundation for a two-story addition

This time I'm building a home addition with a JADU as an owner builder for only $200,000 Hey everyone! Here's what it takes to pass the forms inspection when building a two-story home addition with a JADU. I spent $4,000 on the concrete and $46,000 on labor to frame the entire building. My strategy is to purchase all the materials myself, which means spending a lot of time at Home Depot. I pay the contractors only for their labor. This approach is different, but it has worked for me in the past, and I'm using it again on a larger scale. Pictures of the Design and progress ✅ Need a designer to help you draw plans for your ADU. Natalie can help ✅ Get your Free ADU Estimate by a Contractor ✅ ADU subcontractors for Owner Builder's ✅ This ADU Masterguide will help homeowners build their ADU ✅ For any Real Estate inquiry's please text or call me 818-564-5835 ✅ For ADU questions please book an appointment. Please do not call without an appointment. Thank you ✅ Natalies Instagram ► LET'S CONNECT: ✅ Hektor'sInstagram Hektor Los Angeles Realtor 818-564-5835 DRE LIC 01881677 Realty Xwith Realty X LIC # 01881677with Realty X LIC # 01881677
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