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ADU Consultant

Los Angeles

If you're considering embarking on the journey of constructing an ADU as an owner-builder and find yourself uncertain about where to start, I may be able to offer assistance. 

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Consulting fee

  • $5,000 Consulting fee for a 20x20 Garage conversion to ADU In Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley.

  • If you are ready to begin book an appointment 

  • Got lots of questions book a 30 phone call for $99 


Service provided

Construction Network

Optional. As your ADU consultant, I can suggest qualified subcontractors for all phases of the project. Whether it involves plumbing, electrical, or drywall installation, I possess an extensive network of contractors who are readily available to assist you. If you have a trusted team I'll be happy to work with them.


Service provided


I am committed to offering guidance and support throughout every phase of the construction process, from the beginning, all the way through to the successful completion of the final inspection. My presence and expertise will be instrumental in ensuring the smooth execution of each step.


Upon signing a contract, a deposit of $2,500 will be required, with the remaining fee payable upon completion of the final inspection by the city inspector.


Im not a Contractor

  • In my role as a consultant, I will not submit a bid for your project or engage in any hands-on labor activities. 

  • All the construction is to be executed by the Homeowners' choice of contractor. 


The consultant services will be purely
advisory construction-phase

  • 1: Suggest Subcontractors if requested

  • 2: Support 5 days a week 

  • 3: Assist the homeowner in successfully navigating all rough inspections.

  • 4: Introduce professionals to perform HERS testing

  • 5: Provide support during the final inspection process

  • 6: I am not a construction manager


ADU Consultant 


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