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Project By Owner Builder: Hektor

This time around, I'm undertaking the construction of a two-story home addition with a JADU. Just like with my previous ADU project, I'll be acting as an Owner Builder. However, my role won't involve wielding a hammer; rather, I'll be overseeing the project and addressing any unforeseen challenges that arise.

  • Two-story Home Addition

  • Cost $200,000  

  • 2 Bed

  • 2 Bath

  • Washer & Dryer  

Design By Natalie

Natalie, a very talented designer, has truly brought my vision to life with her creative expertise and attention to detail. Her innovative designs have transformed my two-story home addition into a space that seamlessly blends functionality and style. We're grateful for her dedication and contribution to making my dream home a reality


A footing is constructed by first excavating the ground to the required depth and width. Once the trench is dug, the soil is compacted to provide a stable base. Formwork is then installed to create a mold for the footing, and steel reinforcement may be added for added strength. Concrete is poured into the formwork and allowed to cure, forming a solid foundation for the structure above. Finally, the formwork is removed, and the edges of the footing are finished to the desired shape.


  • I'll be updating this page with the progress of the construction. The next step will be pouring concrete into the forms.  

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